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Below is a list of resources relevant to the Sorani Kurdish language. Resources are categorized according to type of content. I own italicized resources in PDF format. I have also flagged resources I have not yet obtained.

Computational Resources

  • .txt lists of words, word-level digrams, and character-level trigrams
  • Latin-based keyboard layout that I own on my computer


  • Diccionaire Fondamental Kurde-Français-Sorani: French-Sorani dictionary with common phrases

Grammatical Descriptions

Scientific Works


Books & Encyclopediae

  • JW Website: few dozen entries accompanied by voice narration
  • Hawler Gov: various entries on the Kurdish capital
  • شازاده چکۆله: Sorani version of The Little Prince, by Aso Abdullah

News Sites

This is an aggregation of news sites, all written in Sorani, that contain written media on the order of ~300 words per article, though long-form works of journalism can also be found.

Blog Pages

Long-form posts that exceed ~1000 words can be found here. Each link goes to a specific person's blog archive, containing anywhere between 10-100 articles.