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Below is a list of resources relevant to the Sorani Kurdish language. Resources are categorized according to type of content. I own italicized resources in PDF format. I have also flagged resources I have not yet obtained.

For the corpus assembly lab, a repository of plain text files has been created using excerpts from some of the resources listed below.

External Resources

Computational Resources


Caption text
Keyboard OS Notes
Branah Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example


  • .txt lists of words, word-level digrams, and character-level trigrams
  • Latin-based phonetic keyboard layout that I own on my computer
does this mean that it came with your OS or that it's a custom one you (or someone else?) created? -Jonathan


  • Dictionary of Scientific Terms: includes Sorani definitions of terms like "atom"
  • Diccionaire Fondamental Kurde-Français-Sorani: French-Sorani dict with phrases & alphabet

Grammatical Descriptions

  • Sorani Grammar: high-level description of important grammatical properties of Sorani

Scientific Works


Try clicking the links on that page and then looking for "Identifier (URI)" - Daniel
  • JW Website: few dozen entries accompanied by voice narration
  • Hawler Gov: various entries on the Kurdish capital
  • شازاده چکۆله: Sorani version of The Little Prince, by Aso Abdullah

Developed Resources