Central Kurdish and English/Contrastive Grammar

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Definiteness Marker

In Sorani Kurdish, definiteness is marked by a suffix at the end of a noun instead of a separate determiner.

  • (ckb) پیاوەکە → (eng) the man
    (ckb) پیاو<n><def><sg> → (eng) the<det><def><sp> man<n><sg>
  • (ckb) پیاوێک → (eng) a man
    (ckb) پیاو<n><ind><sg> → (eng) a<det><ind><sg> man<n><sg>
  • (ckb) سەگەکان → (eng) the dogs
    (ckb) سەگ<n><def><pl> → (eng) the<det><def><sp> dog<n><pl>
  • (ckb) سەگێک → (eng) a dog
    (ckb) سەگ<n><ind><sg> → (eng) a<det><ind><sp> dog<n><sg>

Verb Negation

  • (ckb) ئەو نەهات → (eng) He did not come.
    (ckb) ئەو<n><def><sg> هاتن<v><iv><past><neg><p3><sg> → (eng) he<prn><subj><p3><m><sg> do<vaux><past> not<adv> come<vblex><inf>

he/prpers<prn><subj><p3><m><sg>$ ^did/do<vaux><past>/do<vblex><past>/do<vbdo><past>$ ^not/not<adv>$ ^come/come<vblex><inf>/come<vblex><pres>/come<vblex><pp>/come<vblex><imp>$^./.<sent>$