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ckb → eng

There are several cases of one-to-many mappings of lexemes from Sorani Kurdish to English. The objective of this assignment is to be able to choose the correct mapping in different situations depending on the context a lexeme is used. In order to pick a default for each pair of translations, I cited the frequency distribution of English lemmae to get an idea of which one is more commonly used.

زمان → tongue, language

The word translates into "language" if the sentence contains the names of some other languages. The default translation is "tongue."

  • زمانی سەگەکە → "the dog's tongue"
  • زمانی کوردی → "the Kurdish language"

ژن → woman, wife

This is not a real solution; the default translation is just set as "woman" because it's more frequent.

  • ژن و مێرد → "husband and wife"
  • ژنەکە هات → "the woman came"

بیر → (water) well, thought

The translation defaults to "thought" unless the word is close to "water" or "oil."

  • بیری ئاو → "water well"
  • بیرێکی باش → "a good thought"