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UAS (withmorph) LAS (withmorph) UAS (nomorph) LAS (nomorph) # of forms # of sentences
90.80% 82.78% 76.71% 69.67% 511 112
UAS (withmorph) LAS (withmorph) UAS (nomorph) LAS (nomorph) # of forms # of sentences
39.88% 25.77% 24.85% 12.587% 326 52

Dependency Relations


When the only verb in sentence is the copular verb, it has a "cop" dependency on the root of the sentence (usually the adjective, if alone after copular or the noun)

	"тхан" prn pers p1 pl gen @amod #1->2
	"да" n cl_v abs sg @nsubj #2->3
	"Ӏу" n cl_u abs sg @root #3->0
	"у" v cpl past cl_v @cop #4->3
	"." sent @punct #5->3
	"Ахьмад" np ant gen sg @nmod #1->2
	"машина" n cl_j abs sg @nsubj #2->3
	"керла" adj @root #3->0
	"у" v cpl pres cl_j @cop #4->3


Usually the agent of an action verb in the sentence, or in the clause.

	"ас" prn pers p1 sg erg @nsubj #1->4
	"Хьасан" np ant dat sg @iobj #2->4
	"буьрка" n cl_j abs sg @obj #3->4
	"яьлла" v tv pres pf @root #4->0
	"тхан" prn pers p1 pl exc gen @amod #1->2
	"да" n cl_v dat sg @nsubj #2->7
	"ша" prn pers p3 sg gen ref @nsubj #3->4
	"хьалкхиъна" v iv past pf @acl #4->6
	"у" v cpl pres rcp @cop #5->4
	"юрт" n cl_u abs sg @obj #6->7
	"йиццало" v @root #7->0


Usually the adjective, possessive pronouns that modify a noun phrase.

	"дикка" adj comp @amod #6->7
	“болх” n cl_u abs sg @obj #7->8
	"сайн" prn pers p1 sg gen ref @amod #6->7
	"цициг" n cl_d abs sg @obj #7->9