Fijian/Universal Dependencies

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fij.withmorph.udpipe fij.nomorph.udpipe Number of forms Number of sentences
fij.annotated.ud.conllu UAS: 91.49%, LAS: 87.59% UAS: 83.69%, LAS: 79.79% 282 30
fij.annotated2.ud.conllu UAS: 55.17%, LAS: 39.08% UAS: 50.57%, LAS: 38.51% 174 10

Dependency Relations


The subject NP always follow the predicate. When there is no subject NP present, but only a pronoun precedes the predicate head, then the pronoun is in the nsubj relationship with the predicate.


A predicate head usually requires a subject pronoun preceding it. When there is a subject NP with the same reference following the predicate, the subject pronoun gets expl dependency.


When the predicate