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Existing Resources

Taiwanese Peh-Oe-Ji Keyboard

  • Taiwanese Hokkien keyboard based on Peh-Oe-Ji Romanization system. This keyboard has a standard QWERTY layout and uses a series of keys to switch between different tones. For example, to enter a tone mark above a letter, simply type the letter followed by the appropriate key for tone marking.
  • Compatible with Windows only

Taiwanese Characters Keyboard

  • This Taiwanese keyboard is modeled after the Bopomofo language system, which is based off the traditional characters of Mandarin. The Bopomofo keyboard uses a combination of QWERTY, however, when the user presses the shift key, each key on the keyboard also has a unique Mandarin character which is accessible. They keyboard layout also includes four tones.
  • Compatible in Mac OS, Windows PC, and Linux.

Microsoft Traditional Chinese Characters Keyboard

  • This keyboard gives the users the option to choose between Bopomofo or Changjie layouts. Designed by Microsoft, this keyboard offers a pop up window that allows users to simultaneously see which strokes match with what is being typed in real time. This keyboard has a romanization system for the Changjie layout and a Mandarin character for the bopomofo layout.
  • Compatible with Windows only