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External Resources

Computational Resources

I haven't been able to find any Computational Resources for Khasi except one person's keyboard layout.

Furthermore, I am unsure of any licensing permissions for the keyboard or the validity of it.

Update: an online Khasi-English dictionary exists:


Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Bars, E. 1973. Khasi–English dictionary. Shillong: Don Bosco
  • Synrem, S. S. 2002. Ka standard dictionary: na ka Phareng Sha, ka Khasi; (English to Khasi). Shillong: H. Malngiang Synrem Jaiaw.
  • Singh, U. Nissor. 2006. English Khasi dictionary. New Delhi: Mittal Publications

Currently Accessible

  • Nissor Singh, U. 1906. Khasi-English dictionary. Ed. by Gurdon, P. R. T.; &Dohory Ropmay, U; &Hajom Kissor Singh, U. Shillong: Eastern Bengal and Assam Secretariat Press

Grammatical Descriptions

Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Henderson, Eugénie J. A. 1976. Vestiges of morphology in modern standard Khasi., Austroasiatic studies, 477-522
  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1979 Contraction of Khasi nouns in compounds. Indian Linguistics 40: 18–23.
  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1984 Reduplication in Khasi. Indo-Iranian Journal 27, no. 3: 189-200.
  • Roberts, H. 2000. A grammar of the Khassi language. New Delhi: Asian Educational Services.

Currently Accessible

  • Pryse, W. 1855. An introduction to the Khasia language, comprising a grammar, selections for reading, and a vocabulary. Calcutta.
  • Roberts, H. 1891. A grammar of the Khassi language. London: Trübner
  • Nagaraja, K. 1984. Compounding in Khasi. Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute, 43, 79-90.*Nagaraja, K. S. 1985 Khasi, a descriptive analysis (N.A.). Pune: Deccan College.
  • Shabong, Bashisha. 2011. Case Marker in Khasi. Language in India; Vol. 11, Issue 10

Scientific Works

Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Nissor Singh, U. 1900. Hints on the study of the Khasi language. Shillong: Ri Khasi Press.
  • Roy, David. 1938. The place of the Khasi in the world. Man in India 18. 122-134.
  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1990. Khasi phonetic reader. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages.
  • Henderson, Eugénie J.A. 1991. Problems and Pitfalls in the Phonetic Interpretation of Khasi Orthography. Austroasiatic Languages, Essays in honour of H. L. Shorto. Ed. Jeremy H.C.S. Davidson. School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 61-66.

Currently Accessible

  • Henderson, Eugénie J. A. 1967. Vowel length and vowel quality in Khasi. Bulletin of the School of Asian Studies 30. 564-88.
  • Nagaraja K. S. 1994. Khasi dialects: A typological consideration. Mon-Khmer Studies 23. 1-10.


Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Bareh, Hamlet. 1969. A short history of Khasi literature. Shillong: Don Bosco Press. (Hopefully will give me access to literature)
  • No Author Stated (ed.) 1955. Ka ktien u blei, The Holy Bible in Khasi. Calcutta.

Currently Accessible

Developed Resources