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Computational Resources

I haven't been able to find any Computational Resources for Khasi except one person's keyboard layout.

Furthermore, I am unsure of any licensing permissions for the keyboard or the validity of it.


Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Synrem, S. S. 2002. Ka standard dictionary: na ka Phareng Sha, ka Khasi; (English to Khasi). Shillong: H. Malngiang Synrem Jaiaw.
  • Singh, U. Nissor. 2006. English Khasi dictionary. New Delhi: Mittal Publications

Grammatical Descriptions

Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1979 Contraction of Khasi nouns in compounds. Indian Linguistics 40: 18–23.
  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1985 Khasi, a descriptive analysis (N.A.). Pune: Deccan College.
  • Nagaraja, K. S. 1990. Khasi phonetic reader. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages.
  • Roberts, H. 2000. A grammar of the Khassi language. New Delhi: Asian Educational Services.

Scientific Works

Requested from Inter-Library Loan

  • Nissor Singh, U. 1900. Hints on the study of the Khasi language. Shillong: Ri Khasi Press.
  • Roy, David. 1938. The place of the Khasi in the world. Man in India 18. 122-134.