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Initial Evaluation of Ambiguity

  • The initial ambiguity level is 1.3, or 1543/1183
  • Two ambiguous terms:
    • ba: a conj (that, for, inasmuch, as, since) and a verb (to light)
      • hinrei ba um tip ei-ei; but because he knows nothing.
      • ^hinrei<conj>$ ^ba<conj>$ ^um<prn><p3><sg><m><neg>$ ^tip<vblex>$ ^ei-ei<n>$^.<sent>$
      • ka leilieh ka ba; the lightning lights
      • ^ka<art><sg><f>$ ^leilieh<n>$ ^ka<prn><p3><sg><f>$ ^ba<vblex>$^.<sent>
    • la: a past tense marker or a reflexive, possessive pronoun
      • u la leit sha la ing; He went to his (own) house. (This sentence contains both uses of 'la;' the first is as a past tense marker, the second is as a possessive reflexive pronoun)
      • ^u<art><sg><m>$ ^la<past>$ ^leit<vblex>$ ^sha<pr>$ ^la<prn><refl><poss>$ ^ing<n>$^.<sent>$

Final Evaluation of Ambiguity

  • The final ambiguity level is 1.25, or 1483/1183