Ladino and English/Contrastive Grammar

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Lad-Eng Tests

  • Nouns without Determiners
  • (lad) la Espanya → (eng) Spain
  (lad) el<det><f> Espanya<np> → (eng) Spain<np>
  • (lad) la Gresia → (eng) Greece
  (lad) el<det><f> Gresia<np> → (eng) Greece<np>
  • Grammatical Gender
  • (lad) la estreyeriya → (eng) the stars
  (lad) el<det><f> estreyeriya<n><f> → (eng) the<det><def> stars<n>
  • (lad) la lingua → (eng) the language
  (lad) el<det><f> lingua<n><f> → (eng) the<det><def> language<n>
  • Reflexive Verb Order
    • (lad) me mires → (eng) you look at me
    • (lad) te pario → (eng) she gave birth to you
    • (lad) te dio → (eng) she gave you
  • Adjective Order
  • (lad) los djudios sefardim → (eng) Sephardi Jews
  (lad) el<det><m><pl> djudio<n><m><pl> sefardim<adj><m><pl> → (eng)  Sephardi<adj><pl> Jews<n><pl>
  • (lad) la luz santa → (eng) the holy light
  (lad) el<det><f> luz<n><f> santa<adj><f> → (eng) the<det> holy<adj> light<n>