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External Resources

Computational Resources

Lakota Keyboard and Desktop Software

  • Software developed by the New Lakota Language Consortium; includes a keyboard and dictionary app

English-Lakota Translator

  • An English-to-Lakota translation website


Lakota Dictionary Online

  • An English-to-Lakota translation website

Unofficial Lakota Language Guide

  • A pdf dictionary with vocabulary relevant to Lakota traditions and ceremony

Lakota Pronunciation Glossary

  • A phonetic glossary guide to Lakota pronunciation

Lakota Vocabulary

  • A vocabulary set for Lakota language learners

Useful Phrases in Lakota

  • A short list of useful phrases in Lakota

Grammatical Descriptions


Some Reflections on Lakota Language Structures as looked at by a naive* non-Native

  • reflections on Lakota grammar

Lakota Postpositions

  • grammar structure of postpositions of Lakota

Complex Predicates with Nouns and Stative Verbs in Lakota: A Role and Reference Grammar Analysis

  • peer-reviewed article about more complex grammar structures in Lakota

Layers and Operators in Lakota

  • Open access article on the grammatical framework of Lakota, pdf online


Lakota Grammar Handbook

  • Beginner to Intermediate Grammer Teaching

Intensive L/Dakota For Beginners

  • Grammar Textbook for Beginners

Lakota for Beginners

  • Online Teaching Textbook for Beginning Lakota Speakers

A Grammar of Lakota

  • A peer-reviewed article on Lakota Grammar published in 1940, available online

Scientific Works

Lakȟótiya wóglaka po! = Speak Lakota! : level 1 Lakota language textbook

  • physical copy available at Haverford Library

Anamnesis in the Lakota Language and Lakota Concepts of Time and Matter

  • peer-reviewed article on the language and theology

Lakota Texts: Narratives of Lakota Life and Culture in the Twentieth Century

  • peer-reviewed article

Reading and Writing the Lakota Language: Lakota iyapi Un Wowapi Nahan Yawapi

  • peer-reviewed article

Lakota Belief and Ritual in the Nineteenth Century

  • A pdf of two chapters on Lakota belief and ritual, from the book 'Traditional Sioux Religion'

The Lakota Ghost Dance: An Ethnohistorical Account

  • A short paper published in the 'Pacific Historical Review' on the tradition of the Lakota Ghost Dance


  • pdf of texts
The Buffalo People
Geo Schmidt's Vision Experience
An old-time custom, at meals
A typical "kidding" between brothers-in-law
Origin of the name Oglala
Speech at a Thanksgiving Dinner

Lakota Language Facebook Group

  • A Facebook group for Lakota language learners, with some posts in Lakota

Lakota Bears

  • The Berenstein Bears Show in Lakota


  • A website which posts exclusively in Lakota

Lakota Language - learning

  • An active Facebook group for Lakota language learners

New Testament

  • Biblical translations in Lakota

Developed Resources


Midterm Overview

lkt-keyboard git

GitHub Corpus

  • A Github repository containing corpora



GitHub Morph

  • A GitHub repo containing morphological transducer info

Lakota and English/Contrastive Grammar