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= Developed Resources =
= Developed Resources =
== Keyboard ==
* <a href="https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Magahi/Keyboard">Wiki</a>
* <a href="https://github.swarthmore.edu/Ling073-sp21/ling073-mag-keyboard">Swarthmore GitHub Repository</a>
= External Resources =
= External Resources =

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Developed Resources


External Resources

Computational Resources

  • Kimi Linguistics Magahi, Apache License 2.0 [1] Github repository with some computational resources for Magahi, notably a large corpus.
    • "Magahi Morph Analyser (magahi-morph) - a rule-based analyser."
    • "Magahi BIS POS Tagger (magahi-pos) - a maximum entropy based pos-tagger."
    • "Corpus Search Tool (msearchit) - searches through the specified corpus; comes with a support for regex." Doesn't actually appear to work.
    • "POS tagger for annotating with Universal Dependencies POS tags."


Grammatical Descriptions

  • The Indo-Aryan Languages (Jain, Danesh ; Cardona, George) on Tripod, particularly chapter 13 has a nice overview of Magahi.
  • The Linguistic Survey of India (Grierson, George) here, particularly volume 5 part 2, starts page 30, gives an overview of Magahi, including a skeleton grammar on page 38.
  • A Reference Grammar of Maithili (Yadav, Ramawatar) on Tripod. Not Magahi, but a very closely related language, and Grierson outlines the differences between Magahi and Maithili in The Linguistic Survey of India.

Scientific works


Corpus on Github. Consists mostly of the corpus from Kimi Linguistics Magahi, which is made up of blog posts and a story, as well as some data from The Linguistic Survey of India mentioned above, which has numerous glossed and analyzed samples from various dialects of Magahi, but only one was transcribed for the corpus.