Magahi and English/Contrastive Grammar

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mag-eng tests

  • (fra) Je le mangerai → (spa) Yo lo comeré ("I'll eat it.")
    (fra) je<prn><pers><p1><sg><nom> le<prn><pers><p3><m><acc> manger<v><tv><fut><p1><sg> → (spa) yo<prn><pers><p1><sg><nom> lo<prn><pers><p3><m><acc> comer<v><tv><fut><p1><sg>


Verbs work very differently in Magahi from English.

  • (mag) Sādhū unka phar delthin. → (eng) The saint gave him fruit
    (mag) sādhū<n> u<prn><pers><p3><sg><gen><hi> phar<n><obl> de<v><past><o_p3><hi> → (eng) The<det><def><sp> saint<n><sg> give<vblex><past> prpers<prn><obj><p3><m><sg> fruit<n><sg>