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Github Repo

Initial Evaluation of Ambiguity

Upon initial evaluation, our transducer has an ambiguity of ~1.01368738023542294005.

  • Total number of forms: 329
  • Number of unique forms: 325

Ambiguous words added

Sentences taken from Aprendamos el Miskito by Melgara Brown


  • <adj> female
    • Bîp mairin nani ba yabal ra kan. | The cows were on the road.
      • ^Bîp/bîp<n>$ ^mairin/mairin<n>/mairin<adj>$ ^nani/nani<det><pl>$ ^ba/ba<det><def><dst>$ ^yabal/yabal<n>$ ^ra/ra<post>$ ^kan/kaia<vkaia><past><p3>$^../..<sent>$
  • <n> woman
    • Mairin ba bîp wainhka ba kaikan. | The woman saw the bull.
      • ^Mairin/mairin<n>/mairin<adj>$ ^ba/ba<det><def><dst>$ ^bîp/bîp<n>$ ^wainhka/wainhka<n>/wainhka<adj>$ ^ba/ba<det><def><dst>$ ^kaikan/*kaikan$^../..<sent>$

Final Evaluation of Ambiguity

Ambiguity after disambiguation: ~1.01341363263071448125

  • Total number of forms: 331
  • Number of unique forms: 327