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<i> Note: Resources for machine translation between [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Miskito Miskito] and [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/English English] </i>
===Corpus Coverage===
===Corpus Coverage===

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Note: Resources for machine translation between Miskito and English

Corpus Coverage

Monolingual coverage: 52 / 116 (~0.44827586206896551724)

Bilingual coverage: coverage: 37 / 118 (~0.31355932203389830508)

Sentence Analysis

Sentence 1

  • Intended: I don’t eat meat and chicken.
  • Lexical transfer: #I not #meat #chicken *piras.
  • Miskito: Yang wal wîna kalila piras.

Sentence 2

  • Intended: I’m allergic to mangos.
  • Lexical transfer: #I *siknes *brisna *mango.
  • Miskito: Yang siknes brisna mango.

Sentence 3

  • Intended: Hello, excuse me. How much is a room?
  • Lexical transfer: *Monin, *escyusa #you. *Dia *pries *brisma #room #night *kumi ?
  • Miskito: Monin, escyusa man. Dia pries brisma cuartocana timia kumi?

Sentence 4

  • Intended: Is there a place to sleep?
  • Lexical transfer: *Manuapo *ansara #place *barsara *yapaya?
  • Miskito: Manuapo ansara pleiski barsara yapaya?

Sentence 5

  • Intended: Is there a place to wash clothes ?
  • Lexical transfer: *Nara *pleis *kum *apo *cuala *tuskaya?
  • Miskito: Nara pleis kum apo cuala tuskaya?

Sentence 6

  • Intended: Tomorrow, I will stay at this lovely hotel.
  • Lexical transfer: #I *yauhka *takash *keisna *naha *hotel *pain.
  • Miskito: Yang yauhka takash keisna naha hotel pain.

Sentence 7

  • Intended: Is there a place to rent bikes?
  • Lexical transfer: *Pleeskum *barsekei *baisikil *rin *monaya?
  • Miskito: Pleeskum barsekei baisikil rin monaya?

Sentence 8

  • Intended: What are you doing tonight?
  • Lexical transfer: *Dia *dow *keisma *na #night.
  • Miskito: Dia dow keisma na timia.

Sentence 9

  • Intended: What do you think of the government?
  • Lexical transfer: #You *dia *lukisma *naho *gabament?
  • Miskito: Man dia lukisma naho gabament?

Sentence 10

  • Intended: Today is Friday.
  • Lexical transfer: *Naiwa *lika *praidi.
  • Miskito: Naiwa lika praidi.

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