Miskito and English/Contrastive Grammar

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Grammatical Differences

Miq-Eng tests

Object Order

  • (miq) Yang wal wîna kalila piras. → (eng) I do not eat meat and chicken
    (miq) yang<prn><p1> wîna<n> kalila<n> piras<v><p1><neg> → (eng) I<prn><p1> eat<vblex><p1><pres> meat<n> and<cnjcoo> chicken<n>

Adjective Order

  • (miq) aras ba sirpi sa → (eng) The horse is small
    (miq) aras<n> ba<det><def><dst> sirpi<adj> kaia<v><pres><p3> → (eng) The<det> horse <n> be<vbser><pres><p3><sg> small<adj>

Subject Deletion

  • (miq) wapri → (eng) I walked
    (miq) wapri<v><past><p1> → (eng) I<prn><p1> walked<vblex><past>


  • (miq) Aras nani ba → (eng) The horses
    (miq) Aras<n> nani<det><pl><def> ba<det><def><dst> → (eng) The<det><def> horses<n><pl>