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Grammatical Descriptions (working list)

The neo-Aramaic dialect of Barwar. [1] 2008. Khan, Geoffrey.

  • 2000+ page grammar
  • PDF online (at least right now...)
  • Barwar region of Northern Iraq, specifically several villages along the river Be-Xelape
  • A variety of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic
  • Glottolog lists this under resources for Assyrian Neo-Aramaic

The neo-Aramaic dialect of Qaraqosh. 2002. Khan, Geoffrey. [2]

  • A variety of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic as spoken in the city of Qaraqosh, a bit south of the Barwar region
  • "One of the most archaic dialects" of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic [3]
  • 700+ pages
  • Penn has it
  • Glottolog lists this under resources for Chaldean Neo-Aramaic

Chaldean language: Elementary course. 1996. Jammo, Sarhad Y. Hermiz. [4]

  • The Library Network in Michigan has it. The real question is, can we get it through ILL?
  • WorldCat says it's in Chamorro...

The modern Assyrian language. 1978. Ceret'eli, Konstantine. [5]

  • Penn has it
  • I think mostly phonology

A description of modern Chaldean. 1974. Sara, Solomon I. [6]

  • Penn has it
  • 113 pages

The neo-Aramaic dialect of the Assyrian Christians of Urmi. 2016. Khan, Geoffrey. [7]

  • Penn has it
  • Near about 2000 pages

Scientific Works (working list)

Discontinuous morphology in Modern Aramaic. 1993. Rubba. [8]

  • 500+ pages
  • UC San Diego has it and that's the closest place

"Remarks on the historical background of the modern Assyrian language." 2007. Khan, Geoffrey. [9]

  • Just interesting background info for our own reference

Corpora (working list)

(Khan's grammars all have sample texts, but not in the Syriac script. And the phonetic spelling he uses might not necessarily match what actual speakers use when they write it in Latin script.)

The Bible in Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. [10]

Assyrian Neo-Aramaic test wiki. [11]

"The Christian neo-Aramaic dialects of Zakho and Dihok: Two text samples." 1995. Sabar, Yona.[12]

  • available on JSTOR
  • Chaldean
  • in Latin script