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Grammatical Descriptions (working list)

The Neo-Aramaic dialect of Barwar. [1] 2008. Khan, Geoffrey.

  • 2000+ page grammar
  • PDF online (at least right now...)
  • Barwar region of Northern Iraq, specifically several villages along the river Be-Xelape
  • A variety of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic
  • Glottolog lists this under resources for Assyrian Neo-Aramaic

The Neo-Aramaic dialect of Qaraqosh. 2002. Khan, Geoffrey. [2]

  • A variety of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic as spoken in the city of Qaraqosh, a bit south of the Barwar region
  • "One of the most archaic dialects" of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic [3]
  • 700+ pages
  • Penn has it
  • Glottolog lists this under resources for Chaldean Neo-Aramaic

Chaldean language: Elementary course. 1996. Jammo, Sarhad Y. Hermiz. [4]

  • The Library Network in Michigan has it. The real question is, can we get it through ILL?
  • WorldCat says it's in Chamorro...

The modern Assyrian language. 1978. Ceret'eli, Konstantine. [5]

  • Penn has it
  • I think mostly phonology

A description of modern Chaldean. Sara, Solomon I. [6]

  • Penn has it
  • 113 pages

Scientific Works (working list)

Discontinuous morphology in Modern Aramaic. 1993. Rubba. [7]

  • 500+ pages
  • UC San Diego has it and that's the closest place

"Remarks on the historical background of the modern Assyrian language." 2007. Khan, Geoffrey. [8]

  • Just interesting background info for our own reference