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This is the page for the Purépecha language. Organized by Sherry and Jorge

computational resources

  • No resources were found for this language


  • Vocabulary of Purépecha (in Spanish) [1] [2]
  • Videos on the life of Purépecha people [3]
  • Orthography of Purépecha language [4]

what about this one: https://www.purepecha.mx/jurhentpiri/takukata.php ? -Jonathan

grammatical descriptions

  • Book on grammar constructions in Purépecha [5]
  • Syntax and Semantics of Purépecha Noun Phrases [6]
  • Bilingual Vocabulary Practice (Purépechan-Spanish) [7]
there are a number of good sources in the bibliography of the latter source. It would be good to integrate those in to what you have. -Jonathan

scientific works

  • Dissertation on The Tarascan Language [8]
  • Published paper on Tarascan Language by Mary LeCron Foster [9]
  • Additional Dissertation on the Motion Deixis, Home Base and Social Indexicality among the P’urhepecha [10]
  • Additional Dissertation on the Purépechan children [11]

there appear to be a few computational linguistics sources, e.g. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1806.04291.pdf, https://dh2018.adho.org/hacia-la-traduccion-automatica-de-las-lenguas-indigenas-de-mexico/ -Jonathan


  • Mexican news website on Purepecha [12]
  • Mexican Government website [13]
    • Does not have direct text in Purépecha but mentions the language
  • Videos of life in Michoacan [14]
  • Twitter of Purépechan user [15]
  • YouTube channel on P'urhépecha culture [16]
  • Flickr account is photos of Purépechan people, land, etc. [17]
  • FaceBook page for 'Cultura Purépecha' [18]
  • Corpus repository [19]