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Our Code

Our rlx file on our GitHub

Initial Evaluation of Ambiguity

  • Our initial ambiguity: 1.00307
  • Some examples:
    • k’amára<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> tsíri<n><obj><sg> ↔ k’amárachistirini tsírini # I ran out of corn (lit. corn finished itself (to) me).
    • Xwánu<n><sg> xwá<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> tsíri<n><obj><sg> ↔ Xwánu xwásti tsírini # Juan brought some corn.
    • pyá<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> tsíri<n><sg> María<n><obj><sg> ↔ pyárakusti tsíri Maríani # S/he bought Maria some corn.
    • Xwánu<n><sg> ínts<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> pipíchu<n><pl><obj> tsíri<n><sg> ↔ Xwánu íntsasti pipíchuichani tsíri # Juan gave the chickens corn.
    • María<n><sg> tsíri<n><obj><sg> wántiku<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> ↔ Maríaeri tsírini wántikunasti # Maria's flea was killed.

Final Evaluation of Ambiguity

  • For right now, we're skipping this part because we have not found anything in our dictionary and sources yet that we can use for this disambiguation lab to write proper constraints.