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Our Code

Initial Evaluation of Ambiguity

  • Our initial ambiguity: 1.00031
  • Some examples:
    • k’amára<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> tsíri<n><obj><sg> ↔ k’amárachistirini tsírini # I ran out of corn (lit. corn finished itself (to) me).
    • Xwánu<n><sg> xwá<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> tsíri<n><obj><sg> ↔ Xwánu xwásti tsírini # Juan brought some corn.
    • pyá<v><tv><pres><perf>Template:P3 tsíri<n><sg> María<n><obj><sg> ↔ pyárakusti tsíri Maríani # S/he brought Maria some corn.
    • Xwánu<n><sg> ínts<v><tv><pres><perf><p3> pipíchu<n><pl><obj> tsíri<n><sg> ↔ Xwánu íntsasti pipíchuichani tsíri # Juan gave the chickens corn.
    • Template:MrophTest # Maria's flea was killed.

Final Evaluation of Ambiguity