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Tibetan Language Page

Tibetan-English Dictionaries

The first Tibetan–European language dictionary was written in 1834 by Hungarian Sándor Kőrösi Csoma (1784–1842).[1] Linguist Heinrich August Jäschke formed a the Moravian mission in 1857 in Ladakh. During this time, he wrote Tibetan Grammar and A Tibetan–English Dictionary.[2] There are a number of Tibetan online dictionaries.

Tibetan-English Translations

This Bible translation may be useful. Wikipedia also has a page devoted to Tibetan bible translation. Furthermore, there are full English translations of Bardo Thödol, the Tibetan book of the dead. I'm having trouble finding a Tibetan version, but I'm sure it exists somewhere on the Internet.

Tibetan spellchecker

A Microsoft Visual Basic macro spellchecker for Tibetan language in Microsoft Word. GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

A Classical Tibetan syllable spellchecker for Hunspell. Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

Tibetan keyboard layout

An online Tibetan keyboard

Tibetan speech recognition

Research papers on speech recognition for Tibetan Tibetan Language Speech Recognition Model Based on Active Learning and Semi-Supervised Learning Audio-Visual Tibetan Speech Recognition Based on a Deep Dynamic Bayesian Network for Natural Human Robot Interaction


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