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Tibetan Language Page

Tibetan-English Dictionaries

The first Tibetan–European language dictionary was written in 1834 by Hungarian Sándor Kőrösi Csoma (1784–1842).[1] Linguist Heinrich August Jäschke formed a the Moravian mission in 1857 in Ladakh. During this time, he wrote Tibetan Grammar and A Tibetan–English Dictionary.[2] There are a number of Tibetan online dictionaries.

Tibetan-English Translations

This [www.gsungrab.org/en/books.php Bible translation] may be useful. Wikipedia also has a page devoted to Tibetan bible translation. Furthermore, there are full English translations of Bardo Thödol, the Tibetan book of the dead. I'm having trouble finding a Tibetan version, but I'm sure it exists somewhere on the Internet.

Tibetan spellchecker

A Microsoft Visual Basic macro spellchecker for Tibetan language in Microsoft Word. GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

A Classical Tibetan syllable spellchecker for Hunspell. Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

Tibetan keyboard layout

An online Tibetan keyboard


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