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Note: Resources for machine translation between Tiwi and English"

External Resources

Github Repo for Language Pair

Tiwi Transducer

English Transducer

Developed Resources

Bilingual Corpus

Tiwi → English Evaluation

The coverage of our monolingual transducer: coverage: 388 / 1133 (~0.34245366284201235658)

The coverage of our bilingual transducer: Could not open transducer file ./ling073-tiw-eng/tiw-eng.automorf.hfst There only seems to be a tiw-eng.automorf.bin file

Sentence Analysis

Sentence 1

pirripakijiti: They floated

  1. float

Sentence 2

  • pirripakirlumurri: They were tired
    • "#be tired"

Sentence 3

  • pirriwapa: They ate
    • "#eat"

Sentence 4

  • kamini naki?: what is this?
    • "#what #this?"

Sentence 5

  • ngarra minimarti: he is generous
    • "#generous #he"

Sentence 6

  • jupijupi awi kiyija mirrawu: soup and a little bit of tobacco
    • "#soup and #little #tobacco"

Sentence 7

  • ngarra kijinga: he is small
    • "#he #small"

Sentence 8

  • yirrikipayi ngarra tuwara: the crocodile's tail
    • "#crocodile #he #tail"

Sentence 9

  • awurra wawurruwi
    • "#those men"

Sentence 10

  • ngiya paruwan: i am hungry
    • "#hungry #i"