Tiwi and English/Contrastive Grammar

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Tiw-Eng Tests

Subject Deletion

  • (tiw) pirripakijiti → (eng) they floated
    (tiw) akijiti<vblex><iv><past><s_p13> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p3><mf><pl> float<vblex><past>
  • (tiw) pirripakirlumurri → (eng) they were tired
    (tiw) akirlumurri<vblex><iv><past><s_p13> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p3><mf><pl> be <vbser> <past> tired <adj><past>
  • (tiw) pirriwapa → (eng) they ate
    (tiw) wapa<vblex><iv><past><s_p13> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p3><mf><pl> eat<vblex><past>


  • (tiw) jupijupi awi kiyija mirrawu → (eng) soup and a little bit of tobacco
    (tiw) jupijupi<n> awi <cnjcoo> kiyija<prn><qnt> mirrawu <n> → (eng) soup<n><sg> and <cnjcoo> a little bit <adv> of <pr> tobacco <n><sg>
  • (tiw) yirrikipayi ngarra tuwara → (eng) the crocodile's tail
    (tiw) yirrikipayi<n><m> ngarra <prn><m><p3><sg> tuwara<n> → (eng) the <det><def><sp> crocodile <n><sg> have <vbhaver><pres><p3><sg> tail <n><sg>

Inserting 'Be' Verbs

  • (tiw) ngarra minimarti → (eng) he is generous
    (tiw) ngarra<prn><m><p3><sg> minimarti <adj><m> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p3><m><sg> be <vbser><pres><p3><sg> generous <adj>
  • (tiw) ngarra kijinga → (eng) he is small
    (tiw) ngarra<prn><m><p3><sg> kiji <adj><f> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p3><m><sg> be <vbser><pres><p3><sg> small <adj><sint>
  • (tiw) awurra wawurruwi → (eng) those are men
    (tiw) awurra<prn><dem><pl> wawurru <n><pl> → (eng) that<prn><dem><mf><pl> be <vbser><pres> man <m><pl>
  • (tiw) ngiya paruwani → (eng) I am hungry
    (tiw) ngiya<prn><p1><sg> paruwani <adj> → (eng) prpers<prn><subj><p1><mf><sg> be# hungry <vblex><pres><p1><sg>