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There has been a huge drive towards revitalization in the Onondaga community and digital and many digital resources are under development to promote language acquisition in classrooms. An easy-to-use, intuitive keyboard suite is necessary for the community to get the best use out of their new digital resources.

Existing Resources

  • Android keyboard
    • Android only
    • Unintuitive layout for people used to typing in English
  • Mac/Windows keyboard
    • No documentation
    • A lot of key presses to get to accented characters
    • Canʼt figure out how to access doubly accented characters
    • Also unintuitive (b:ñ)

Design goals

  • Intuitive use
    • Most diacritic characters match up with their non-diacritic counter-parts
    • All characters with the same diacritic located on the same level
    • Two diacritic characters accessed by holding down both control and option
    • control: acute accent, option: ogonek
  • Based on orthography in Hanni Woodbury's dictionary
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Facilitate typing in both English and Onondaga as much as possible
    • Most (if not all) Onondaga speakers speak English primarily and saving I'm trying to minimize the inconvenience of switching keyboards