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There has been a huge drive towards revitalization in the Onondaga community and many digital resources are under development to promote language acquisition in classrooms. An easy-to-use, intuitive keyboard suit would be conducive to allowing the community to get the best use out of their new digital resources.

Existing Resources

  • Android keyboard
    • Android only
    • Unintuitive layout for people used to typing in English
  • Mac/Windows keyboard
    • No documentation
    • A lot of key presses to get to characters with diacritics
    • Can't figure out how to
    • Also unintuitive (b:ñ)

Design goals

  • Intuitive use
  • Supports the orthography in Hanni Woodbury's dictionary
    • Most characters with diacritics match up with their non-diacritic counter-parts
    • All characters with the same diacritic located on the same level
    • ctrl: acute accent, option/alt: ogonek
    • Characters with multiple diacritics accessed by holding down both control and option
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Facilitate typing in both English and Onondaga as much as possible
    • Most (if not all) Onondaga speakers speak English primarily and I'm trying to minimize the inconvenience of switching keyboards


Installing Keyman

This keyboard suite was designed and implemented using Keyman Developer. In order to use it on your device, you must first install Keyman. Click here for Mac instructions, and here for Windows. For mobile installation, just visit the App Store or Google Play Store.

Accessing the Onondaga Keyboard

Windows and Mac

  • Contact me for access to the GitHub and download the file titled ono.kmp.
  • First, make sure the Input menu shows up in your menu bar by going to System Preferences>Keyboard>Input Sources, and checking the box that says "Show Input in menu bar".

Mac menu keyboard 0.png Mac keyboard menu.png

  • Open Keyman Configuration, from the Configuration link under Keyman in the Input menu. Note: If you just installed Keyman and the Configuration menu is not available, please restart the computer.

Keyman config small.png

  • You should see Onondaga listed in the installed keyboards list. Check the box to the right and exit out of the menu.


  • Now you can select the Onondaga keyboard from the Keyman menu

Keyboards menu.png

  • Open the Configuration menu from the Keyman menu on the task bard an select "Install Keyboard"

Windows keyman.png

  • Navigate to the ono.kmp file and click open.
  • You should now see Onondaga listed on the Keyman menu. Select it to enable the keyboard

Windows keyman2.png


I don't have a good way of distributing the mobile keyboard without either uploading the keyboard publically to the Keyman Cloud server, or setting up an SMTP server. I will need to check in with the community.