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Hi! My name is Kayla (Kthomps2). I am a French major and, hopefully at this point of time, will be a CS minor as well.

Some potential languages for I would like to work for class: - A Filipino dialect (Waray) (1) - 2.6 million speakers - Eastern Visayas, some parts of Masbate, and some parts of Sorsogon - Cebuano, Tagalog, English - Its transmission: regional language, used in the local government, used in visual media, but not print media; taught in school from K to 3rd grade; in Mass (Waray Bible) - ISO code: war - A Japanese dialect (Ainu)

	- 10 

- Hokkaido - Japanese - Its transmission: Rarely any as there’s only single digit number speakers at this point I believe. - ISO Code: ain

Tiwi - Polysynthetic language - 2,040 speakers - ISO code: tiw - Bathurst and Melville Islands, Northern Terrority - English - Its transmission: 10% of it is taught to children -