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Language Selection

Partner Preference

Someone very knowledgeable about linguistics. Computer Science is my specialty.

Language Preferences

Pontic Greek

Morphological Typology

Pontic Greek practices conjugation and declension with suffixes, so I believe it is somewhat agglutanative. [1]

Basic Information

  • ISO 639-3: pnt. [1]
  • It has used the Greek, Turkish, and Cyrillic alphabet.[1] Greek seems to be the most prominent one online.
  • The 778,000 speakers inhabit Greece, Turkey, and several countries in Eastern Europe. [1]


Given what I have found in a couple hours, I'm fairly confident I can locate a few pages of text.

  • Hellenic Language Boy Blog [2]
  • Pontic Greek Wikipedia [3]
  • Pontic Greek Narratives [4] [5]
  • Pontic Corpora from the University of Leipzig. [6]


I understand this language doesn't have many speakers, but I easily found high-quality resources.

Morphological Typology

Kanza attatches pronouns and prepositions to verbs via prefixes.[7] Kanza is so verb-based that it lacks adjectives. [7]

Basic Information

  • ISO 639-3: ksk. [8]
  • 12 L2 speakers. [9]
  • The Kaw Nation inhabit Oklahoma and Kansas. [10]
  • Like many Native American languages, its alphabet is based on English.


I have already located a dictionary [11] and several pages of text.[12]


Morphological Typology

Tigre contains both synthetic and analytic qualities.
On the synthetic side, it indicates cases by adding suffixes and changing the stems of words.[13]
On the other hand, the language indicates some pronouns by both words and suffixes, while others must stand on their own.[13]

Basic Information

  • ISO 639-3: tig [13]
  • 250,000 – 1.05 million L1 speakers.[13]
  • Speakers live in Eritrea and Sudan.[13]
  • Tigre has used both the Ge'ez and Arabic script as an alphabet. [13] Ge'ez seems to have a fixed amount of letters.


  • Supposedly has the Bible but I haven't found any copies online.
  • Found a language course. [14]


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