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Pair Info

I'll be working with myself.

Languages of Interest

Taiwanese Hokkien


Hokkien is primarily an analytic language. It follows the Subject-Verb-Object structure and is a monosyllabic language. One unique thing about Taiwanese Hokkien is that the language is gender neutral. Additionally, it include loan words from Chinese Mandarin and the Southern Min language. The words do not indicate reference to time, gender, and plural by inflection. These concepts are expressed through adverbs, aspect markers, and grammatical particles, or are deduced from context.

Basic information

  • # speakers: 50 million
  • Region: Asia (Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia) and United States (spoken as a heritage language)
  • Common Languages: Teochew, Southern Min, Cantonese
  • Orthography: Peh-Oe-Ji, Bopomofo
  • Text availability: Yes; there are translations of Hokkien on the Bible and a dictionary of Hokkien to English created by Maryknoll.
  • ISO: nan



Hakka is an analytic language and follows the Subject-Verb-Object structure. It is also a monosyllabic language, and a large number of its syllables are distinguished by tone and final consonant. Both Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka are spoken in Taiwan.

Basic information

  • # speakers: 42.2 million
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Common Languages: Southern Min, Cantonese, Taiwanese
  • Orthography: Phak-fa-su
  • Text availability: Yes; there is a Hakka translation of The Little Prince and a Hakka translation for the Bible.
  • ISO: hak



Ixil is an agglutinative language and follows the Subject-Object-Verb structure. Ixil is predominantly spoken in three towns in Guatemala.

Basic information

  • # speakers: 70,000 people
  • Region: Guatemala, United States
  • Common Languages: Mayan, Mam, Teko, Awatek
  • Orthography: The Ixil alphabet is based off of latin characters.
  • Text availability: Yes
  • ISO: ixl,,,