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Dependency relations


@nsubj (nominal subject) denotes a semantically agent-like and syntactically subject-like nominal. Note that it cannot be used for pleonastic subjects.

In Uzbek, @nsubj will usually be assigned to a noun in the nominative case. Generally speaking, a noun in the nominative case is the subject of the sentence and the doer of the action.

"<Azalda>" "azal" n loc @obl #1->6 "<Xudo>" "xudo" n nom @nsubj #2->6 "<osmon>" "osmon" n nom @obj #3->6 "<bilan>" "bilan" cnjcoo @cc #4->5 "<yerni>" "yer" n acc @conj #5->3 "<yaratdi>" "yarat" v tv past p3 sg @root #6->0 "<.>" "." sent @punct #7->6

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