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Wamesa Talking Dictionary

by Emily Anne Gasser

  • Contains Wamesa words and some conjugated verbs, but only ones beginning with particular letters, as the project is not finished.

Scientific Works

Windesi Wamesa Morphophonology

by Emily Anne Gasser

  • 2014 dissertation on the morphology and phonology of Wamesa. Contains example sentences.

Notes on Windesi Grammar

by H.K.J. Cowan

  • 1955 article on Wamesa. Very broad, reporting on aspects from syntax to phonetics/phonology with special focus on numbers, pronouns, articles, and verb conjugation. Contains very many example sentences. Some of the orthography might not agree between this and the above; unsure.

A Sketch Grammar of Wandamen

by Naomi Saggers

  • 1979 publication on Wamesa phonology. Contains a few example sentences. Less focused on Wamesa than the others; Wandamen is a more general umbrella.


Field Notebooks

by Emily Anne Gasser

  • Many (mostly handwritten) notebooks containing full sentences, sentence fragments, phrases, and words. Everything in Wamesa is translated into Indonesian, but far fewer things are then translated into English. By far my most fertile source of example sentences.