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This page is a resource for machine translation between Wamesa and Tongan.

Initial Evaluation

wad → ton evaluation

On the tests file, 77.47% of the words translate correctly, and the unknown word rate is 28.57%. The WER and PER are both 71.43% when *'d words are removed, and 100% when not removing *'s.

ton → wad evaluation

Percentage of unknown words in ton.sentences.txt (bilingual corpus): 7%

Percentage of stems translated correctly: 93%

Percentage of unknown words in test file: 0%

Results when removing unknown word marks (stars) | WER: 100% PER: 100% Number of position-independent correct words: 1

Results when unknown word marks (stars) not removed | WER: 100% PER: 100%

  • There is still one bug that we are trying to fix. siʻaku is being translated to #<poss>, but it should translate to nothing as there is no equivalent in Wamesa. The percentages above are when the incorrect #<poss> is taken out of the ton-wad.tests.txt file. Otherwise, the percentage increases to 114.29%.

Final Evaluation

wad → ton evaluation

ton → wad evaluation


Contrastive Grammar
Lexical Selection
Structural Transfer

Developed Resources

ton→wad translator
wad→ton translator