Wamesa and Tongan/Lexical Selection

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wad → ton

The Wamesa word matotap can mean to fall or to collapse.

  • (wad) matotap (to fall) → tō (ton)
    • Ex: Antumpai miatotap. (The child is falling.)
  • (wad) matotap (to collapse) → holo (ton)
    • Ex: Aniopasiat simatotap. (The houses are collapsing.)

In Wamesa, mun means to hunt or to kill.

  • (wad) mun (hunt) → fakaʻete (ton)
  • (wad) mun (kill) → tāmateʻi (ton)

ton → wad

The Tongan word tangi means to cry/weep as well as to ask/appeal.

  • (ton) (to cry/weep) tangi → sau (wad)
  • (ton) (to ask/appeal) tangi → utanusara (wad)

In Tongan, kakalu means either cricket or whistle.

  • (ton) (large cricket or cicada) kakalu → sararer (wad)
  • (ton) (whistle) kakalu → nginggisi (wad)