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Morphological Disambiguation

Initial Level(s) of Ambiguity

Ambiguity before disambiguation: ~1.05008077544426494346

Differentiating a Pronoun from a Determiner

There are two readings of 'nira': while common nouns usually proceed the word 'nira', the following words can help determine whether or not the word is a pronoun or a determiner. In the determiner case, 'nira' is usually followed by at least two—usually proper—nouns (a compound subject).

Pronoun Reading

  • Kwarta nira [Their money]

Determiner Reading

  • Kwarta nira Rico ngan Bobong [Rico and Bobong's money OR Money of Rico and Bobong]
  • Mgbantay pa hiya ha balay nira ni Rhoda ngan Romulo. [He will still guard Rhoda and Romulo’s house.]