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Welcome to the MathBio Wiki

This is a database and information source for mathbio resources.
Created by Sarah Hews (Swarthmore) and Rebecca Vandiver (Bryn Mawr) in Nov. 2009. The wiki is currently in its initial stages of development. Please check back frequently for updates.

General Information

This wiki has several different sections and purposes. They are listed below. Keep in mind though, that if you search for a term, module, or paper, you will search all of the sections.

  • Modules: This is a compilation of modules that have been developed and used by wiki users. This includes a description of each module and comments from users. These modules include biology applications in mathematics classes and mathematical applications in biology classes.
  • Modeling Papers: To combat difficulty in finding undergraduate level modeling papers, the wiki has summaries of a range of papers. Each summary includes mathematical and biological key words so that you can search by mathematical term or biological term.
  • Math Tools for Biologists: Many times biologists run across mathematical or statistical terminology and would like an explanation free of confusing mathematical/statistical notation. These entries are written at a level appropriate for undergraduate science majors with limited mathematical background.

To log in

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  • If you already have an account, type your user name and password.
  • If you are creating an account, please click on "create an account", enter the requested info and click on "create account."

Getting started

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Specifically click on the sections title "for readers" and "for editors".