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Swarthmore College Observatory Wiki

This website is for information relating to commissioning and operation of the Peter van de Kamp Observatory, funded by the National Science Foundation through its Program for Research and Education with Small Telescopes.




We do both imaging and photometry with the Apogee large-format CCD camera and the filter wheel. We use the eShel spectrograph in conjunction with the SBIG camera for spectroscopy. The spectrograph and its camera along with its calibration unit are in the control room.

  • Apogee U16M 4096x4096 pixel camera, 9-micron pixels; 0.3 arcsec per pixel (unbinned) and 26 arcmin full field of view
  • Apogee filter wheel with Omega Optical 50 mm square filters, Johnson-Cousins UBVRCIC and SDSS u'g'r'i'z'
  • Shelyak eShel fiber-fed echelle spectrograph with SBIG ST-10 camera
  • eyepieces

Equipment and Technical Information


To-do items, Summer 2010

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