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  • * TeleAdmin 14:13: Today we used the telescope for the first time.
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  • ...n the Shelyak web page. Mary Ann had already adjusted the slit width some time ago, so I started with the part about setting up to view the solar spectrum
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  • 2. Under Camera Control-Expose, set exposure time and frame type for a single frame. Hit start. Single frames must be manuall
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  • tutorial] on how to get it calibrated, a one-time thing for each hardware setup. So we would need to set up hardware profil ..., you can connect to the camera from MaximDL. (This doesn't waste cooling time, since Nebulosity also turns the camera's coolers on.) There's a [http://w
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  • ...nitial Temp</b></td><td width="100"><b>End Temp</b></td><td width="100"><b>Time to cool (min)</b></td></tr> ...ted, median-combined darks times the gain (1.3) divided by the integration time (300 seconds). (This gain yields a read noise of 8.58)The dark current is i
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  • track with, an error message will show up. Try increasing the exposure time or moving the telescope so that the guide star is more in the center of the
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  • Images taken in the R band with 2x2 binning. Exposure time used was 13 seconds, changed to 10 seconds later in the night when the sta
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  • ...he upgrade. Thorough documentation here should (hopefully) help with next time we need to upgrade hardware or software. ...Tpoint and tried again to open the Tpoint model from within TheSky. This time it opened up fine, and showed me the data for the latest pointing model. A
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  • ...autoguiding); manually aborted the ACP plan simply to change the exposure time, but when we started the plan back up, MaximDL hung. We had to restart all ...s time, perhaps because the scope was actively being used for most of that time; and also, therefore, not tracking far to the west.)
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  • ...OS support site]. I'm going to keep local copies of these installers this time, in case they disappear off the web. # Based on last time, these programs can run into problems with Windows User Account Control, an
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