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When you complete a task, do not delete it! Mark it with strike-through (see example below) and add your name and date after it.

  • Make a to-do list on the wiki. Completed 2010-05-27, Eric.

Telescope software tasks

  • Install Dimension 4 software to improve clock accuracy on observatory PC. See Eastman et al. 2010 for more details on precise timekeeping.
  • Install JSkyCalc on control room computer. (More info on using it at AstroBetter.)
    • Edit local file to add our observatory coordinates as described here.
    • After that file is created, let Eric know and we'll also install on the Linux machines.
  • Install latest version of FocusMax software (3.4.40) - it's on the Y: drive mapped to the PC.
  • Preparations for mapping run to improve the telescope pointing model.
    • Download and install the full version of PinPoint. Eric - this should be registered in my name.
    • Download and install AAG TPointMapper
    • Download and install USNO A2.0 catalog for use by PinPoint as described here.

Improving telescope operations

  • Do a substantial (> 100 point) point run using AAG TPointMapper.
  • Use FocusMax software to automate focusing of the imaging camera.
    • Read background info on its operation.
    • Set up FocusMax to link to TCC focuser.
    • Do calibration runs to set up V curves for our system.
    • Change MaximDL settings to link to FocusMax hub, which then links to the focuser/TCC. Save this configuration (under Apogee/Photometry).
  • Continue to work on Autoguiding improvements - especially the optimal Dec backlash setting.
  • Investigate and document whether or not slow warm-up of the CCD is necessary. Jean
  • Create and save some Auto sequences in MaximDL to facilitate running a series of bias and dark frames before or after a run.
  • Reinforce flat-field screen and hang in dome.
  • Document procedure for dome flats.
  • Install and test out plug-in for automating sky flats.

Documenting telescope operations

Photometric light curve improvements

  • Write scripts to streamline data reduction (bias, flat, etc.)
  • Write or find scripts to streamline photometry and creating light curves.
  • Investigate optimal use of multiple comparison stars, e.g. approaches of Southworth et al. 2009 or Broeg et al. 2005.

Possible future improvements

  • Possible automation of dome opening/closing?
  • Install weather station / cloud sensor?
  • Observatory automation with ACP, CCD AutoPilot, or CCD Commander?
  • Install eShel spectrograph.