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Developed Resources

External Resources

Computational Resources


  • Kanazawa and Jinbō, Ainugo Kaiwa Jiten. An Ainu conversational dictionary. All rights reserved.

Grammatical Descriptions

  • Ainu for Beginners, based on lecture texts for the Sapporo TV Radio Lessons in 2006 and Kirsten Refsing’s The Ainu Language: The Morphology and Syntax of the Shizunai Dialect.

Scientific Works

  • Ainu resource assessment. Explains an NLP-related Ainu language project and offers other resources for further research.


  • Batchelor, Ainu Fireside Stories. Because it is written by Batchelor I assume this is actually Ainu stories written in Ainu rather than English translations, but I am not sure. License unclear.
  • Batchelor, The Book of Common Prayer. I will likely not use this since it is Batchelor's translations into Ainu rather than native Ainu writings. License unclear.
  • Many ELAR Ainu dialect documentations. I still need to sort through all of these but the Endangered Languages Archive seems to have a lot of Ainu audio files with accompanying text transcriptions.
  • Ainu Times, as far as I can tell is the only Ainu newspaper. Contains links to newspaper samples. Japanese site. All rights reserved.