Chechen and English/Lexical selection

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che → eng

1. алам

a. phrase
  • Аламаш къаьста вовшех шиъ я сов сацарца.
  • Phrases are separated from each other by two or more pauses.
b. expression (math.)/(cs related)
  • Масала, 2+3 — 5 терахь юхадерзо алам бу.
  • For example, 2+3 is an arithmetic expression which evaluates to 5.

2. мотт

a. tongue
  • церан меттанаш стигалх дІалетара.
  • their tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths.
b. language
  • Ас нохчийн мотт ца буьйцу.
  • I don't speak Chechen.