Eastern Burushaski and English/Lexical selection

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bsk → eng

  • tis: "pit", "mistake"
    • "Pit" doesn't appear in our stories, and "mistake" is probably a more common word in general. Right now "pit" is the default, and we'll make "mistake" the default.
  • -č- "do", "make"
    • "Make" before nouns, "do" after adjectives.
    • tis eču bo "She is making a mistake"
    • kuult̪o eer ečam "Today I will do (it) for him
  • baas "times", "falcon"
    • "Times" following numbers, "falcon" after determiners
    • alt̪o baas "two times"
    • ine gušpurate es baas basimi "that falcon sat on the prince"