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eng -> niv

пʼу - go out, exit, leave

Иф тыфпʼудь.

He went out of the house.

Иф ваӄапʼудь.

He exited the box.

Иф ӿуньфпʼудь.

He exited the barrel.

Иф попʼудь.

He left the village.

Иф нёпʼудь.

He left the barn.


маӈӻ - to be wealthy, powerful

Ӿемар маӈӻдь.

The old man is wealthy.

ытик маӈӻдь.

Grandma is wealthy.

Ытык маӈӻдь.

Father is powerful.

Ымык маӈӻдь.

Mother is powerful.