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External Resources

Computational Resources

  • Spellchecker
    • Found a paper in Spanish about a Guarani spell-checker being worked on here. However, no option to download was found.
  • Guarani: A case study in resource development for quick ramp-­up MT [1]
    • Paper that talks about a method for developing quick ramp-up machine translation. Uses Guarani as an example. Written by team of researchers at New Mexico State University, unsure about license.


  • Guaraní Concise Dictionary: Guaraní-English, English-Guaraní by A. Scott Britton
    • E-book of a English-Guarani dictionary. Licenses is all rights reserved. [2]
  • Glosbe Online Dictionary
    • Website containing Guarani dictionaries for several languages here. Website says that some data is licensed.

Grammatical Descriptions

  • Scanned PDF of a introductory Guarani course book (in English) made by the Peace Corps. Unsure of the license. [3] [4]
  • Curso básico de Guaraní CERDET (Centro de Estudios Regionales para el Desarrollo de Tarija)
    • PDF in Spanish that teaches the basics of Guarani grammar here. Couldn't find license.
  • Spanish Wikibooks page with several links to pages on the grammar of Guarani (free license). [5]

Scientific Works

  • The Grammar of Possession: Inalienability, Incorporation and Possessor Ascension in Guarani - Maura Velázquez-Castillo
    • Scholarly work on the grammar of Guarani. Focuses on alienable and inalienable possession. The e-book is available online. Copyrighted.
  • On the Prosodic Coding of Focus in Paraguayan Guaraní[6] - Cynthia G. Clopper and Judith Tonhauser
    • Scholarly paper focused mostly on the phonetics and phonology of Guarani, but does include a large section on the grammar of Guarani. Copyrighted, all rights reserved.
  • The Distribution of Differential Object Marking in Paraguayan Guaraní[7] - Cory Adam Shain
    • Thesis written on the object marking of direct objects in Guarani. Includes lots of example sentences and an extensive summary of the syntax of Guarani. All rights reserved.
  • Word Order in Paraguayan Guaraní[8] - Judith Tonhauser and Erika Colijn
    • Scholarly article about word order and grammar of Guarani. Includes lots of example sentences with English translation. All rights reserved.


  • Bible Passage Translations
    • Online copy of a translation of the Bible.[9] Has been approved by the bishops of Paraguay. [10]
  • Wikipedia Pages
    • There are 3,000 Wikipedia pages in Guarani, however, many of the pages are very sparse.[11] Pages for movies and TV shows seem to have a decent amount of text.[12]
  • Let's Talk Guarnime [13]
    • Blog written in English by a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. Teaches the grammar of Guarani and contains lots of example text in Guarani along with English translation. Unsure about license, will try to contact author.

Developed Resources


  • Link to udpipe wikipage here
  • Link to corpus repository that contains udpipe here

Guarani Keyboard

  • Link to wiki here.
  • Link to github repository here.


  • Link to github repository here.
  • Resources for machine translation between Guarani and Warlpiri [14]