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External Resources

Computational Resources

Taiwanese Translation Software

  • Software that translates Taiwanese to English and vice versa


Taiwanese Dictionary Online

  • An English-to-Taiwanese dictionary website

Dictionary of Frequently used Taiwan Minnan

  • A dictionary of the most frequently used words in Taiwanese translated to English and was created by Taiwan's National Ministry of Education

Phonetic Guide to Taiwanese

  • A phonetic glossary guide to Taiwanese pronunciation

Beginner's Guide to Taiwanese

  • An overview of common phonetics and words in Taiwanese

Grammatical Descriptions


Taiwanese Grammar: A Precise Reference

  • book written by a Taiwanese author documenting Taiwanese language grammar

Pædagogical Easy Taiwanese Mandarin

  • YouTube channel documenting Taiwanese phrases and Taiwanese culture


  • pdf of texts
Taiwanese Version of the Bible

Developed Resources