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Computational Resources

Typing tool:

Alphabet: this isn't really a computational tool—it's more linguistic documentation of the language


Phrasebook, written in mix of Latin and Maithili script:

English-Maithili Dictionary:

Grammatical Descriptions

Book detailing grammar - looks old, may be out of date:

Details phonology and some basic grammar:

Scientific Works

Linguistic background:

-Yadav, Ramawatar. 1996. A reference grammar of Maithili.
-Yadav, Ramawatar. 1979. Maithili language and linguistics: some background notes.

definitely get these

Encoding Maithili Script:

-Pandy, Anshuman. 2006. Request to Allocate the Maithili Script in the Unicode Roadmap. (section 5)
-Pandy, Anshuman. 2009. Towards an Encoding for the Maithili Script in ISO/IEC 10646.



Bible Translation 2: Sp18 ResourceDocumentation check the instructions again about how to do the category