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(Also known as Mapuche)


This section lists resources for Mapudungun


All of these grammars can be downloaded from here.

  • A Tagmemic Sketch of Mapuche Grammar (Catrileo Chiguailaf; 1972; all rights reserved)
    • Master's thesis presented to UT-El Paso
  • A Grammar of Mapuche (Smeets; 2008; all rights reserved)
    • contains a grammar, a collection of texts, and a Mapuche-English dictionary
  • Mapudungun (Zúñiga; 2000; all rights reserved)
  • Gramática Básica de la Lengua Mapuche (Sallés, Pizarro, & Cayuqueo; 2006; all rights reserved)
  • El Mapuche o Araucano (Salas; 1992; all rights reserved)
    • contiene un análisis fonología, gramática, y un antología de cuentos
  • Gramática Araucana (de Augusta; 1903; all rights reserved)