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Developed Resources

External Resources

Computational Resources

Scholarspace Scholarly article about the creation of the first Mirandese text-to-speech system. Creative Commons

Tradutor Portuguese to Mirandese online translator (no source code available). Copyright, All Rights Reserved

Verbix Mirandese verb conjugator. Copyright, All Rights Reserved


Glosbe Any language to Mirandese word-by-word translator with dictionary definitions included, individual definitions added by public users. N/A

Travel Phrases Short list of Mirandese travel phrases. N/A

Miranda Do Douro Portuguese to Mirandese translator with dictionary definitions included (no source code available). Copyright

Grammatical Descriptions

Studos Mirandeses Detailed blog post about the Mirandese language with example words. N/A

YouTube Mini-video that teaches Mirandese. Copyright

Miranda Do Douro Book publication on grammatical aspects of Mirandese (paid access). Copyright, All Rights Reserved

Scientific Works

MeirinhosEstudosMirandeses A study in Portuguese about the Mirandese language. Copyright

Open Edition French study about the political position of Mirandese. Copyright

Google Download Lexical study in Spanish comparing Mirandese to Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin. Copyright

Akademicka Article in Spanish on the history, and phonetic features of Mirandese. N/A

Fonologia JSTOR A discussion of Mirandese phonology written in French. Copyright


Orbilat Website containing Mirandese jokes, kids’ songs, songs, riddles, proverbs, tales, and poems. Copyright

Ancora-Editora Website with (translated) books in Mirandese available for purchase. Copyright

Mirandes Blogspot Mirandese blog. N/A

Biquipédia Mirandese Wikipedia or Biquipédia /bikipedja/.

L Princepico Link to The Little Prince in Mirandese (available for purchase). Copyright