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Percentage of unknown words: 47.37%

Word error rate (WER): 100%

Position-independent error rate (PER): 100%

Structural transfer

Implementation of item #1 (clause type) and #2 (aspect>tense)

I tried to get the following sentence to translate correctly:

  • (mto) këp mits mtönït → (eng) tomorrow you will work
    (mto) këp<adv> mits<prn><p2><sg> tön<v><dep><irr><p2> → (eng) tomorrow<adv> you<prn><pers><p2><mf><sg> will<vbmod><pres> work<vblex><pres>

But I wasn't able to get my rtx rules working correctly.


  • tagger: ???
  • lex:
    ^këp<adv>/tomorrow<adv>$ ^mits<prn><p2><sg>/you<prn><p2><sg>$ ^tön<v><dep><irr><p2>/work<vblex><dep><irr><p2>$^.<sent>/.<sent>$
  • transfer:
    No rule specified: ^këp<adv>/tomorrow<adv>$
    No rule specified: ^mits<prn><p2><sg>/you<prn><p2><sg>$
    No rule specified: ^tön<v><dep><irr><p2>/work<vblex><dep><irr><p2>$
    No rule specified: ^.<sent>/.<sent>$
    ^tomorrow<adv>$ ^you<prn><p2><sg>$ ^work<vblex><dep><irr><p2>$^.<sent>$
  • abc-xyz: tomorrow #you #work


Percentage of unknown words: 5.26%

Word error rate (WER): 96.77%

Position-independent error rate (PER): 96.77%